5 Signs Your Terminals Have Malware Installed

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5 Signs Your Terminals Have Malware Installed

Chipotle’s recent announcement has taken the Internet by storm. In mid-May, the Mexican fast casual chain announced that the vast majority of its terminals were found to have credit card information stealing malware downloaded to them. Many Chipotle fans are wondering why it took so long for the chain to actually find the malware. The fact is that it’s not always easy to spot a tampered terminal. Regular checkups can, however, prevent you from this loss. Here are five of the most telltale signs that something may be infecting your terminal.

  1. Your terminal starts running very slowly for no apparent reason. Do you find yourself waiting longer and longer for your terminal to approve transactions? This isn’t a good sign. Assuming that the connectivity isn’t an issue, it’s a sign that you’re experiencing malware interception – or that there’s a skimmer on top of the terminal.
  2. You notice that there are new wires coming out of your terminal, or that there are too few wires happening. This often suggests that there may be a physical connection that was established to download malware to your device. Experts suggest regularly counting the wires, just to make sure it’s alright.
  3. The terminal starts having pop ups, or starts acting on its own accord. A very big clue that something’s awry is if you notice that your terminal is acting out on its own. Pop ups, loading bars, sudden freezes, or programs opening up by themselves suggest that there may be someone remotely accessing your terminal. Though it’s rare, it does happen, and you should be aware of what it means if it does.
  4. People have begun to call your store because clients have been getting fake charges. This may be a sign that the malware stemmed from your store – or that a lot of clients of yours may have another store nearby that they also enjoy. If you have been given a notification from a legitimate cybersecurity firm or a police officer, it’s almost certain that malware has been involved.
  5. Your terminal freezes at random moments. Much like having a suddenly slow terminal, random freezes tend to suggest that something isn’t quite right with your machine. Though this could be for a number of reasons, you may want to call your terminal company to find out what’s going on.

If you think your terminal has been compromised, stop using it immediately. It may be compromised, and continuing its use may end up costing you even more. Should you notice strange issues with your terminal, give CPS a call. We’re here to help.

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