5 Signs You Have a Dangerous Credit Card Terminal

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With the many changes in legislation over recent years, business owners are now shouldering more liability for data breeches than ever before. Many businesses have shuttered their doors because they were unable to handle the financial damage after being victimized by hackers. The majority of...

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5 Reasons To Offer Gift Cards At Your Company

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Gift cards seem so cheesy, but they’re a powerful marketing tool that should never be underestimated. Though they may seem like something that was invented to give to people who are incredibly hard to shop for, companies would be very wise to start a gift card system at their place. If...

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The Amazon Effect: How Amazon Proved That E-Commerce Works

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Amazon is currently the largest company in the world, and it also recently made the decision to expand its empire into food delivery as well. With the recent purchase of Whole Foods, the giant once known for just delivering books, media, and technology has made a bold statement about the way...

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5 Ways Banks Can Hurt Your Business

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Banks are, for many companies, a godsend. They can offer loans and funding that works with a company’s business model and also provides them the prestige they need to make things happen. However, most of the companies that have those positive experiences with banks aren’t small...

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Why You Need To Accept More Than Just VISA and MasterCard

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Most companies that try to curb the amount they spend on merchant services tend to opt for only two non-cash payment options: VISA and MasterCard credit cards. On first glance, this seems like an excellent way to make sure that you give people more options while cutting costs. However, as...

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5 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft From Hurting Your Company

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Identity thieves are everywhere, and that means that you could end up losing thousands of dollars if your company comes under attack. According to statistics, at least 90% of all businesses will have at least one attempt at identity theft or credit card fraud at least once per year....

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Rent Is Going Digital

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Renting an apartment or an office building always has been tied to check payments. Checks are easy to trace, easy to deposit, and also seem to be inherently tied to the world of real estate. However, they’ve always had issues associated with them, too. Checks can be a hassle to send...

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