5 Ways You Can Boost Store Sales Quickly

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5 Ways You Can Boost Store Sales Quickly

The biggest issue that people have is actually getting the sales they need to keep their business alive. It’s no laughing matter, either. Sometimes, the difference between making it and breaking it all comes down to how many sales you can make in that very month. If you have been needing a major boost in sales, these solutions can help in a quick pinch.

  1. Get merchant processing if you don’t already. Studies have shown that stores that allow credit cards have up to 21% more sales than those that don’t. Moreover, that change is almost instantaneous since people will always buy more when they’re using plastic. It may cost a little bit off the bat, but it will pay off.
  2. Get merchant analytics to help you figure out better ways to reach your audience. Are you really as “in touch” with your audience as you think you are? Real time data reporting will tell you the truth and give you better advice on how to better market to your clients. Better marketing and better insights can easily lead to a boost in sales.
  3. Start a customer loyalty program. Customer loyalty programs can boost profits significantly, especially if they are designed to help improve the amount of money people spend every time they visit your shop. Customer loyalty programs can boost sales by as much as 10%, depending on the industry you’re in.
  4. Take out a merchant cash advance, and use the money to start a heavy advertising campaign. Advertising does work, as long as you know how to advertise to your clients in an effective manner. Depending on what kind of advertising you decide to do, you should expect anywhere from a 1% to 10% callback rate for every 100 people you reach. Obviously, business financing can help with this.
  5. Start a gift card program. Did you know that gift card programs have repeatedly been linked to building better profits, better client bases, and getting clients to buy more than what the card actually is worth? It’s true – and with the right merchant processing service, this can easily happen for your company.

Improving your sales usually will take a little bit of time or a little bit of money – or both. If you’re looking to maximize your profits, having the right merchant services can help. Call CPS today for a quick consult.

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