Yes, Freelancers Use Merchant Services, Too

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Yes, Freelancers Use Merchant Services, Too

The freelance world often is difficult to navigate, particularly when it comes to accepting payments. Aside from cash and PayPal, freelancers often are wary about accepting other traditional forms of payment that they believe they can accept. After all, it’s very easy to get stiffed on a check that bounces or be told that the “money order is in the mail.”

However, what most freelancers don’t realize is that they may be able to accept credit card payments from their clients. Most of the time, they do it via mobile payment devices that can be affixed to an iPhone or Android phone. Here are some of the most common freelance professions that are currently getting into the habit of accepting credit card payments.

  • Photographers. Considering that photographers almost always have to be “on the go” during a shoot, getting payments through mobile methods is often a godsend. It helps keeps clients from having to whip out a checkbook, and also allows them to get paid no matter where they are.
  • Vendors. If you have gone to a convention, then chances are very high that you have seen vendors in “Artist’s Alley” or in the main merchandise room. These vendors were very frequently limited by how much cash the convention goers had on hand...and that wasn’t good for business. Luckily, they now have mobile payments to make good.
  • Videographers. Much like their photographer counterparts, videographers often have a hard time actually getting people to pay up right after a session. So, this makes it possible for them to get the full payment on time, every time.
  • Personal Trainers. Freelance trainers, particularly those that take time to travel to someone’s private gym, run into the same issue. Thankfully, this solution makes it convenient for both trainers and their clients to get money exchanged on time.
  • Masseuses. Masseuses that do house calls often find it hard to deal with clients who “just forgot to go to the bank.” Much like trainers, this added level of convenience is a bonus for both the freelancer and the trainer.

The bottom line is that being a one-person business doesn’t disqualify you from getting the merchant services you want. If you want to start accepting credit cards, it’s time to call CPS that will allow you to get the services you need at the right price.

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