Another Study Shows That Mobile Optimized Ecommerce Sites Are Best

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Another Study Shows That Mobile Optimized Ecommerce Sites Are Best

Ecommerce has been shown to be a must for any retail company that wants to be able to compete, gain customer loyalty, and also improve profits. In fact, it’s become standard to find industries that once would have never been considered possible for online ordering to use ecommerce as their main way to get customers buying their goods. However, as studies continue to show, having an online store is only half of the battle.

A new study that was released on PYMNTS has shown that companies that have mobile-ready sites tend to have better conversion rates than companies that have standard “desktop only” ecommerce sites. This is what researchers want entrepreneurs to know…

  • Around 50% of all online orders are now done from mobile devices. These include phones, tablets, pads, and more.
  • Not having a mobile-friendly site causes errors, lags, and more issues that may impede with the ordering process. In fact, it also can negatively impact a client’s image of your company. Around 75% of people admitted that they wouldn’t order from a store that loaded too slowly. Others said that poorly loaded page would make them rethink a store in the future. In other words, mobile sites are crucial to a good image and good conversion.
  • 93% of all large to mid-sized retail companies now have a mobile-friendly site. Meanwhile around 84% of small to mid-sized companies could say the same. Both numbers are expected to increase by 2017.
  • Most purchases are researched via mobile devices. Which means that people often will make their decisions to visit your store on the go. Moreover, almost all people who were studied admitted that a mobile site has helped them make a decision on a purchase in the past.
  • Moreover, many people are expecting to shop on mobile sites that offer special promotions this year. Whether it’s free shipping for online store shoppers, special promo codes, or even online-only gear, it’s clear that people like the idea of online shopping. And, their expectations are getting higher than ever before. 

The bottom line is that you need mobile-friendly ecommerce to actually keep with the current flow and growth of ecommerce. If you need an ecommerce site, or if you want to get more mobile-friendly, the best and easiest way to do it is to call CPS.

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