Merchant Processing Experts Urge People To Gear Up For Valentine’s Day

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Merchant Processing Experts Urge People To Gear Up For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only one month away, and it’s a holiday that many industries find to be extremely profitable. Industries like the entertainment industry, the relationship coaching industry, and of course flower arrangement stores all see huge leaps in business during this month. However, the profits that businesses are seeing aren’t quite what you’d expect. According to many reports, it may be time to take your merchant services game up a notch. Here’s why!

The Rise Of “To Do” Buying

The idea of Valentine’s Day is to come up with a surprise, and that’s often hard to do if the companies you want to order from require phone-in orders or in-person ordering. Due to the convenience and the ability to hide things better from an unsuspecting spouse, many people are opting to do all their V-Day shopping online.

Additionally, companies that have online stores that do delivery tend to see their profits rise even higher than those that only allow in-store pickup. Profits can rise as high as 20% or more, depending on the industry – and that’s just during regular parts of the year. During Valentine’s Day, the number of orders often spikes.

The Importance Of Credit Card Acceptance

The way that people pay for Valentine’s Day gifts often hinges on credit card acceptance. Much like Black Friday, the majority of people who are out shopping will be using a credit card for at least one gift related to the holiday. If you aren’t accepting credit cards at all, you’re alienating these people – and the profits they may give you.

Studies also show that people who pay with a credit card are also more likely to pay for more goods and services. By allowing credit card payments, you make it easier for your staff to upsell premium goods and services to your clients. Additionally, you give your customers a better overall experience at your store.

Scheduling And E-Commerce At Your Fingertips

Many terminals offer e-commerce storefronts that can help you handle deliveries, scheduling, and even accepting orders. Though we’ve already gone over why e-commerce is king during Valentine’s Day, we haven’t explained why having a top quality terminal is really the best bet. It’s the scheduling that these terminals offer.

The reason why is because these terminals can help you schedule deliveries – and considering how often timing is crucial during Valentine’s Day, it’s obvious why this is so important. A misdelivered package can easily cost you money and a good customer. So, you need to be on tip top shape.

If you want to step up your merchant processing game, you need to have the right group to do it with. At CPS, we have experts who help you get the most of your merchant processing buck. Call us today for a quick consultation.


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