B2B Buyers Aren’t Getting The Online Experience They Want

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B2B Buyers Aren’t Getting The Online Experience They Want

Most of the time, companies are really geared towards providing a great online experience. After all, it’s the Age of the Internet, and that means that giving customers a good online experience has basically turned into a requirement when it comes to owning a business. In the world of business-to-consumer retail, business owners make it clear as day that they’re working to give a superb e-commerce platform to their clients. However, a new study reveals that there are many industries out there that haven’t gotten the memo.

According to a new release from PYMNTS, business to business buyers are really not happy with the kind of online experiences they’re getting. B2B buyers cited the following issues in particular as major problems with the industry’s grasp on e-commerce:

  • B2B sellers do feel a pressure to get better with their e-commerce platforms, but often don’t invest their time in doing so correctly. This is often because they aren’t matching up with what the data that customers give them would suggest they should do. The right merchant analytics could help them, but they often don’t invest in it.
  • A stark minority of B2B companies have a tool that integrates between CRM and commerce platforms. Only 27% had analytics or any other sort of “bridging” software. This means that there’s often a very large disconnect between CRM and commercial data – and that can be inconvenient for both clients and businesses.
  • Actually, only 14% of B2B companies have a fully digital commerce system. This means that very few have an online store, and that’s terrible considering how many buyers would rather just shop online. Many buyers also expressed concern at how often they’re forced to do things in an inconvenient way, just so they can get the supplies or services they need.
  • Lastly, their payment systems need help. Many B2B companies were also cited for having very bad payment plans and even being unable to accept payments via their online sites. This isn’t acceptable today, and companies are suffering because of it.

Around a third of all business to business merchants are losing sales worth up to a total of $2 million just because they can’t get their online act together. Most companies lacking tech say that cost is the biggest pain point. It doesn’t have to be this way for your company. You can maximize potential by improving your online presence with ease. Just call CPS today for a quick and simple consultation, and we can show you how affordable great technology can be!

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