Socure’s CEO Reveals How Businesses Can Prevent A Cyber “Pearl Harbor.”

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Socure’s CEO Reveals How Businesses Can Prevent A Cyber “Pearl Harbor.”

After word had gotten out that a hacker had sold thousands of peoples’ credit card information on the DarkWeb, cybersecurity once again has become a major buzzword in the business world. Hackers have gotten more ruthless than ever, and some of the attacks that have been launched in recent years are enough to make even the most assured business owners balk.

Unfortunately, the bad guys who are doing these cyberattacks don’t always do them just because they find profit in them. There have been many cybersecurity experts who have warned that many of the attacks that are being performed are now politically motivated. This means that a massive, economy-destroying cyberattack could potentially happen...and that some governments may even attempt it in the near future.

Sunil Madhu, CEO of cybersecurity firm Socure, noted that there could be ways that business owners could prevent these kinds of attacks from destroying everything they built. The problem, according to him, is that many of the tools have gotten leaked onto the net. Hackers have then begun to use them to achieve their own interests.

Because there’s often a lot of secrecy about loopholes that are known (and expoited) by government agencies, preventing major hacker attacks isn’t always possible. However, that doesn’t mean that business owners shouldn’t try and do their part, he noted. The best line of defense, he said, is to keep staying abreast of the latest loopholes and weaknesses found in current software – and to update yours regularly.

This can be done by hiring the right firm for the job, or by keeping a keen eye on technology news. Having a good IT department, obviously, can also help. But, at CPS, we also are aware of the fact that not all cyberattacks happen through computers. Some, for example, can happen via payment terminal or even a mobile device.

Part of keeping up to date with modern security practices includes keeping your terminal software updated, keeping an eye on your e-commerce platform, and also just using a little bit of common sense. If you aren’t sure whether or not your terminal is up to date, or if your e-commerce platform could be safer, it may be a wise decision to call a consultant that can help. At CPS, we offer free, no obligation consultations for both payments security and e-commerce assistance. Call us today, and let’s work on your security together.

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