The Amazon Effect: How Amazon Proved That E-Commerce Works

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Amazon is currently the largest company in the world, and it also recently made the decision to expand its empire into food delivery as well. With the recent purchase of Whole Foods, the giant once known for just delivering books, media, and technology has made a bold statement about the way people see e-commerce today.

The fact is that Amazon was one of the first companies to really adopt e-commerce as its primary base of income. Even in the earlier days of the internet, the truth is that people still enjoyed the convenience it offered. As the company expanded, it became a sales platform and worked to grow by offering commission for affiliate sales.

As the years grew, the number of people who trusted internet shopping grew – and so did the number of companies that did business via Amazon. This turned Amazon into an internet shopping giant. E-commerce, since it has lower operations costs, also means that business owners who used it as their sole form of commerce also had higher profit margins than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

As a result, companies that followed Amazon’s lead quickly found themselves to be more profitable, more popular, and more recession-proof than their “standard” retail competition. Technology that helped fulfill orders and increase customer security has also improved – which in turn allowed people to apply e-commerce’s theories to almost every kind of industry out there.

Most companies will not become as large or as famous as Amazon. However, if you use e-commerce to bolster your sales, improve your reach, and also lower costs, there’s no saying that you can’t have great success.

People today love the convenience and presentation that comes with e-commerce. They love the way that e-commerce makes everything easy to compare, shop for, and reach. If you offer your longstanding clients e-commerce, you’re showing them that you understand the new shift in shopping changes, and you’re also showing them that you want to offer them as much convenience as possible.

If you want to see the full power of e-commerce, you need a company who can develop an e-commerce platform that works for you. At CPS, we know how to make that happen. So, give us a call today!

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