5 Reasons Why Businesses Have No Excuse To Avoid Accepting Credit Card Payments

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It’s 2017, and the vast majority of all businesses are now accepting credit card payments for their customers. However, there’s around 1 out of every 10 businesses that still operates via cash or check only – and if you ask us, that’s way too many out there.

At this age, there’s no reason why even the smallest business shouldn’t be accepting cards. Don’t believe it? Here are five reasons why there’s no excuse for not accepting plastic today.

  1. It can boost your profits massively – to the point htat it may be what saves your business. Companies that accept credit card payments can expect to see their profits soaring by as much as 25% the moment the accept a handful of the most popular cards out there. By refusing to accept cards, you’re refusing that money. It just doesn’t make sense to do so.
  2. Accepting cards isn’t exactly rocket science, either. Most business owners who do reject card payments are worried that they won’t know how to operate the machine. They are also worried about being able to tell if their terminal needs to be replaced with a newer model. When you work with CPS Merchants, you can rest assured that the POS installation will be a breeze – and that you’ll always receive any help you might need.
  3. There’s literally a terminal for every business model. We offer Clover terminals, which are designed to be as flexible as business owners are. If you need a mobile terminal, you can get one. If you need a desktop terminal with all the extras, that’s possible too. Companies aren’t all the same, so why should the terminals that serve them be, too?
  4. The right terminal can also cut operating costs hugely. It’s true. A good terminal can offer you an e-commerce platform, a shift scheduler, advertising add-ons, and more. So, if you’re spending all that money trying to expand your business, the right solution might actually allow you to consolidate your bills.
  5. Of course, being able to have a credit card terminal means that you also get more options as far as safety nets go. When you’re able to accept credit card purchases, you are able to get a merchant cash advance much more rapidly. So, should something happen that would leave your company unable to make ends meet, you would be far more likely to get approved and get the money you need, faster than your competitors.

It’s extremely difficult to fully explain how much benefit you will get from accepting payments and having the right terminal. It will help you get more customers, improve customer spending habits, and even give you a boost when advertising your store! Working with CPS Merchants means that you will be able to get a ton of merchant services benefits from every corner of the business world. No matter what your business goal is, we will have solutions you need in order to succeed.

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