6 Signs You Need A New Merchant Services Company

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Merchant services companies are a dime a dozen—but good ones are exceedingly rare. That’s why you often hear about merchant service horror stories, and why so few people ever seem too happy to deal with them.

At CPS Merchants, we understand this and work to undo the damage that bad companies in our industry have done. We want to show that not all companies are the same. If you’re noticing the following signs, you might need to make a switch to CPS just to see what a good company can offer.

  1. When you buy a terminal from them and it needs servicing, they refuse to help. Do you feel like you’ve been left high and dry when you need help? That’s never a good sign, and in many cases, it’s an indicator that things will get worse.
  2. You honestly felt bullied into working with them. Harassing calls and emotional blackmail are never good ways to do business. You should never reward aggressive tactics like that. That’s just bad for you and your business.
  3. If you were talking about terminal options, they kept pushing one that didn’t make sense for your company. Did it feel like you literally had to argue against the salesman just to get the terminal that made the most sense for you? A company that doesn’t listen to clients isn’t a company you should do business with.
  4. The services just aren’t enough. A lot of companies have low-quality terminals or poor merchant services. You shouldn’t have to put up with that, especially since there are other groups that can give you so much more.
  5. They are really overpriced for what you’re getting. This is why we believe in shopping around and listening to what each company offers. Too often, people will tell you that good merchant services will never come cheap. This just isn’t true. You should be able to afford good services without destroying your budget to do so!
  6. You had a seriously bad experience with them and decided enough is enough. Sometimes, one very bad experience is all you need to convince you that it’s time to make the switch—and that’s okay! You don’t need to have a long string of bad issues in order to make a company lose your business.

At CPS Merchants, we make a point of offering quality service at affordable prices. If you want to experience the difference of working with a great company, give us a call today.

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