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5 Signs You Need Merchant Analytics Now

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Have you ever wondered how big businesses are able to figure out what the next big thing is, or what will make their customers happier than ever before? It’s obvious that there’s some kind of science to it, but what small businesses don’t know is that you can use the same methods...

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5 Signs You Have a Dangerous Credit Card Terminal

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With the many changes in legislation over recent years, business owners are now shouldering more liability for data breeches than ever before. Many businesses have shuttered their doors because they were unable to handle the financial damage after being victimized by hackers. The majority of these...

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5 Signs You Need To Get A Mobile Terminal (And Not A Countertop Device)

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If you talk to many sales people in the merchant services world, you’ll notice that they are very quick to push countertop terminals. It makes sense for them to do so, because they will get a bigger paycheck from it. This leads to customers feeling “sold,” and also means they may...

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