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The Amazon Effect: How Amazon Proved That E-Commerce Works

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Amazon is currently the largest company in the world, and it also recently made the decision to expand its empire into food delivery as well. With the recent purchase of Whole Foods, the giant once known for just delivering books, media, and technology has made a bold statement about the way people...

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Rent Is Going Digital

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Renting an apartment or an office building always has been tied to check payments. Checks are easy to trace, easy to deposit, and also seem to be inherently tied to the world of real estate. However, they’ve always had issues associated with them, too. Checks can be a hassle to send out, and...

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How Is Amazon Affecting Payments?

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Most entrepreneurs hope that they will become a business owner to a company as large as Amazon. The e-tailer once known only for shipping books to various locations has become famous for innovative approaches to marketing, breakneck delivery speeds, and even improving the platforms people use for...

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5 Ways To Improve Your Bottom Line (If You’re In A Service Industry)

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The service industry is one of the most difficult in the world to enter, and even harder to stay in. With nail salons, bars, and restaurants on every single street corner, it’s hard to actually be the business owner that makes their venue different from every other group out there. However,...

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B2B Buyers Aren’t Getting The Online Experience They Want

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Most of the time, companies are really geared towards providing a great online experience. After all, it’s the Age of the Internet, and that means that giving customers a good online experience has basically turned into a requirement when it comes to owning a business. In the world of...

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Businesses Are Losing Their Retail Sides – And It’s Awesome!

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Back in the 90’s, a company that had decided to go “online only” was basically considered to be as good as gone. A brick and mortar store is basically seen as a way to show that you are successful enough to bring customers to your door “the old fashioned way.” As...

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Merchant Processing Experts Urge People To Gear Up For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is only one month away, and it’s a holiday that many industries find to be extremely profitable. Industries like the entertainment industry, the relationship coaching industry, and of course flower arrangement stores all see huge leaps in business during this month....

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In Checkout Lines, The Best Got Better And The Worst Got Worse

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Now that the holiday season has almost completely passed, entrepreneurs and retail business owners across the country have probably learned some serious lessons in terms of keeping their business together. The most glaringly obvious lesson can be seen in the 2016 Checkout Conversion Index. This...

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Another Study Shows That Mobile Optimized Ecommerce Sites Are Best

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Ecommerce has been shown to be a must for any retail company that wants to be able to compete, gain customer loyalty, and also improve profits. In fact, it’s become standard to find industries that once would have never been considered possible for online ordering to use ecommerce as their...

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