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Why You Need To Accept More Than Just VISA and MasterCard

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Most companies that try to curb the amount they spend on merchant services tend to opt for only two non-cash payment options: VISA and MasterCard credit cards. On first glance, this seems like an excellent way to make sure that you give people more options while cutting costs. However, as smart as...

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Rent Is Going Digital

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Renting an apartment or an office building always has been tied to check payments. Checks are easy to trace, easy to deposit, and also seem to be inherently tied to the world of real estate. However, they’ve always had issues associated with them, too. Checks can be a hassle to send out, and...

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5 Reasons To Get Choosy About Your Merchant Services Provider

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Most people really, truly don’t put much thought into their merchant services provider. As long as they get a terminal and are able to swipe customer credit cards, they’re okay with it. Unfortunately, that’s not always a good way to choose a provider. While many companies may...

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Slow Payments Are Killing The Gig Economy

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After the Great Recession happened, regular jobs just weren’t available for people out there. They often would have to settle for “gigs,” which are basically semi-jobs that pay small fees in exchange for goods or services. Things like pizza delivery, driving people via Uber, and...

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Merchant Processing Experts Urge People To Gear Up For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is only one month away, and it’s a holiday that many industries find to be extremely profitable. Industries like the entertainment industry, the relationship coaching industry, and of course flower arrangement stores all see huge leaps in business during this month....

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In Checkout Lines, The Best Got Better And The Worst Got Worse

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Now that the holiday season has almost completely passed, entrepreneurs and retail business owners across the country have probably learned some serious lessons in terms of keeping their business together. The most glaringly obvious lesson can be seen in the 2016 Checkout Conversion Index. This...

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Why The Holiday Season Is The Best Time To Start Accepting Cards

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Very few companies can deny that the holiday season often marks a time of chaos, high numbers of purchases, and huge profits. In many cases, retail stores have to hire new people just to meet the demands of clients during this time of year. With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and a slew of other...

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Yes, Freelancers Use Merchant Services, Too

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The freelance world often is difficult to navigate, particularly when it comes to accepting payments.,  Aside from cash and PayPal, freelancers often are wary about accepting other traditional forms of payment that they believe they can accept. After all, it’s very easy to get stiffed on...

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Contracts And Chargebacks: How One Prevents The Other

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If you’re a business owner in a service based industry, you probably have faced quite a few chargebacks and disputes from customers who might have wanted more services than you initially agreed to provide. Because of the nature of the service industry, it’s very easy to end up dealing...

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Merchant Processing: Is The Lowest Rate Always The Best Option?

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Though every business needs merchant processing services, it’s not a bill that most business owners look forward to paying. In fact, many entrepreneurs often bemoan the fact that their merchant processing bills are as high as they are. While there’s obviously reason for many companies...

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