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5 Ways Banks Can Hurt Your Business

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Banks are, for many companies, a godsend. They can offer loans and funding that works with a company’s business model and also provides them the prestige they need to make things happen. However, most of the companies that have those positive experiences with banks aren’t small...

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5 Ways To Get Business Funding Fast

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Most entrepreneurs will, at one point or another, find themselves in need of fast money in order to keep their business alive and booming. This is just part of being a business owner, really. Even the most well planned out businesses will have incidental costs that need to be taken care of. The...

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This Is What Happens If You Can’t Repay A Cash Advance

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Merchant cash advances are often maligned and deal with an image that is less-than-stellar thanks to the smear campaigns dealt by big banks. Most people assume that cash advances are legal loan sharking, and that the companies will get their money even if the borrower’s company isn’t...

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5 Signs You Need To Rethink A Bank Loan

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Getting business funding via a bank loan is the classic solution to most problems that business owners have. In the old days, you’d apply for a loan and get it within a decent amount of time. As years passed, bank loans became harder and harder to get. Are you still going the old fashioned...

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Business Owners Are Now Using Merchant Cash Advances For This!

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According to The Sequitur, merchant cash advances,  are now the latest tool that company owners are using to cut competition. In what might be one of the newest surveys of its kind, reporters have found an increasing number of business owners buying out competitor companies using the advances...

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The 4 Best Funding Tips High Risk Business Owners Should Know

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Being a business owner in a difficult industry can make it nearly impossible to fund your company through conventional means. Banks often will turn good companies away simply because of the fact that the industry the company works in is considered to be a “bad bet.” As a result,...

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4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Love Merchant Cash Advances

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Merchant cash advances aren’t exactly know for having a good reputation when compared to traditional business funding methods, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. Truthfully, the business funding industry is currently dealing with a major paradigm shift. Major companies...

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