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How to Handle a Bad Merchant Services Company Contract

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It can happen to the best of all business owners: you were contacted by a slick salesman, they told you all the benefits of merchant services, and claimed they were the best in town. They offered you a contract, glossed over a couple of “minor details,” and you signed it. Next thing you...

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6 Signs You Need A New Merchant Services Company

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Merchant services companies are a dime a dozen—but good ones are exceedingly rare. That’s why you often hear about merchant service horror stories, and why so few people ever seem too happy to deal with them. At CPS Merchants, we understand this and work to undo the damage that bad...

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5 Signs You Need Merchant Analytics Now

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Have you ever wondered how big businesses are able to figure out what the next big thing is, or what will make their customers happier than ever before? It’s obvious that there’s some kind of science to it, but what small businesses don’t know is that you can use the same methods...

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The Cost Of Cybercrime Is Still Increasing

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Cybercrime has outgrown every other form of crime when it comes to the cost of prevention, financial loss, and business reputation recovery. A new study that was performed by CISCO’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report has shown that companies that have a data breach should expect to see their...

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Slow Payments Are Killing The Gig Economy

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After the Great Recession happened, regular jobs just weren’t available for people out there. They often would have to settle for “gigs,” which are basically semi-jobs that pay small fees in exchange for goods or services. Things like pizza delivery, driving people via Uber, and...

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