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Businesses Are Now Accepting International Credit Cards. Here’s Why.

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As the international trade world begins to open up to travelers who just enjoy globetrotting shopping sprees, traveler’s checks are starting to fall by the wayside. Once considered to be the best way to pay while abroad, the fact is that they are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with....

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5 Reasons To Get Choosy About Your Merchant Services Provider

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Most people really, truly don’t put much thought into their merchant services provider. As long as they get a terminal and are able to swipe customer credit cards, they’re okay with it. Unfortunately, that’s not always a good way to choose a provider. While many companies may...

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Should You Have A Maximum Charge Amount You Allow?

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Merchants are always on the lookout for ways to curb credit card fraud, and one of the most common ways they’ve avoided chargebacks is by setting up a maximum amount of money they allow spent online. Since many fraudsters do frauds by buying large shipments of goodies, then cancelling the...

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Invoice Data’s True Power – And How It Can Help Your Company

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B2B companies deal with invoices every single day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing. Invoices carry a wealth of financial information that can help provide great insight into your business’s health, direction, and borrowing ability. It doesn’t take a...

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The Cost Of Cybercrime Is Still Increasing

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Cybercrime has outgrown every other form of crime when it comes to the cost of prevention, financial loss, and business reputation recovery. A new study that was performed by CISCO’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report has shown that companies that have a data breach should expect to see their...

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How Is Amazon Affecting Payments?

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Most entrepreneurs hope that they will become a business owner to a company as large as Amazon. The e-tailer once known only for shipping books to various locations has become famous for innovative approaches to marketing, breakneck delivery speeds, and even improving the platforms people use for...

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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Get A Business Loan From A Bank

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Whether most people realize it or not, banks are not a business owner’s friend. Rather, they can be an entrepreneur’s worst enemy. In many cases, banks won’t do business with an entrepreneur without that individual having perfect credit, years of experience in business, and more....

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