Reward your current and encourage new customers. Gift Card programs allow for quick and flexible transactions, with zero risk for the merchant. Gift Cards are compatible with most credit card terminals and POS systems, thus requiring little effort or expense on the part of the merchant. Having a client prepay for goods or services means guaranteed income for our merchants, allowing them to grow their business and be successful.

Gift Card Programs

Gift Card Programs are no longer reserved for chain stores and large retailers. Today, even your neighborhood beauty salon or restaurant can benefit from issuing gift cards to their client base. Replacing the tradition of “Gift Certificates,” Gift Card programs allow our merchants the opportunity to trace their gift card sales with ease and convenience, without manual tracking and additional paperwork. There is no need to manually deduct the used portion of the gift or to issue additional paper certificates with the remaining amount.

Loyalty Programs

Every merchant knows that rewarding customers for their loyalty results in increased number of returning customers. CPS provides merchants with the ability to continuously track the customers’ spending for the purpose of establishing "The More You Spend, The More You Save" type of programs. CPS can help you develop an individualized reward program customized for your unique business.

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