MagTek uDynamo

Compact. Portable. Bi-directional. The uDynamo SCRA allows merchants to make secure transactions while on-the-go using mobile devices and connecting through their mobile headphone jack. It also provides a USB interface for connection with various devices including Windows or Mac PCs, and is perfect for virtual terminals. The uDynamo combines the latest technologies for reliable and secure mobile payments and identification. The secure card reader authenticator uses the MagneSafe™ Security Architecture to protect cardholder data through instant dynamic encryption, tokenization and authentication.

  • Adjustable stabilizer for a variety of devices
  • The uDynamo can read 3 tracks of data capturing alpha and numeric account data. Track 2 only readers cannot read alpha data from ATM/credit/debit/gift cards.
Swipe path design

The swipe path is designed for maximum stability as the card and mag stripe travels over the read head ensuring a more consistent and reliable card read. Smaller readers might be cute, but they are more difficult to work with and often require more training, significant dexterity and often two hands for swiping and stability. Because of this, users may often find it necessary to swipe cards several times before a good read occurs.

Highest Security

The uDynamo encrypts all the data within the confines of the magnetic head. The encryption of the decoded magnetic wave patterns and the authentication data occurs before it leaves the magnetic head. Hence, any data that can be monitored or trapped along the external head wires has already been encrypted with a unique key, rendering it of no value to a malicious coder. By utilizing encryption inside the read head, criminals have no opportunity to gather clear-text card data prior to encryption taking place.

Rechargeable on-board battery

Rechargeable on-board battery allows for 1,000,000 swipes Lower cost readers have a total life expectancy of 20K swipes. By using a re-chargeable battery, the uDynamo can deliver about 1 million lifetime swipes.

Ingenico iCMP

With Ingenico iCMP, enable merchants to accept EMV chip & PIN,
magstripe and NFC/contactless secure payment on-the-go.
As part of Ingenico Group’s Smart Terminals portfolio,
iCMP represents the smallest and most lightweight
chip & PIN mobile payment device on the market
today. Offering Bluetooth connectivity to virtually
any iOS, Android, or Windows-based mobile device,
iCMP enables secure acceptance of all forms of
electronic and mobile payment, including EMV chip
& PIN, magnetic stripe, contactless and NFC.

  • Includes MSR & SCR and NFC/contactless reader
  • Embedded Bluetooth technology enables secure and effortless connectivity to smart devices.
  • The iCMP connects via Bluetooth to any iOS, Windows or Android smart device.

Key Benefits

Universal Payment Platform

The iCMP accepts all payment methods: EMV, chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless. It is based on Telium 2, Ingenico Group’s highly secure payment platform and is compatible with its worldwide portfolio of payment applications. The iCMP meets all payment and security standards: EMV level 1, EMV level 2, PCI PTS 3.1, Visa Ready, PayPass™ 2.1, Visa payWave 2.1.1., Discover Zip.

Designed for Mobility

Featuring a pocket-sized, light weight and robust design the iCMP is built for the most demanding use, wherever you go. Fits easily in a shirt pocket or holster. The iCMP enables a wide range of possibilities for merchants to take their business mobile.

End-to-End mPOS Solution

When integrated with ROAM’s mobile commerce platform, the iCMP can provide the mobile card acceptance piece of an end-to-end mPOS solution (including an mPOS application) with an integrated suite of mCommerce management tools and payment processing solutions. All these services can be fully branded and localized to meet the needs of any merchant worldwide.

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